Over the last 25 years, FIBESA has been a key stakeholder in the growth of the mining industry in Ecuador. Our founder, Vicente Rodrigo Figueroa Ordoñez, ventured into this business starting in Nambija in 1992, when gold mining exploration and production in this area was booming, and demand for gold mining supplies increased drastically. Little by little this business was expanded and eventually established in Zaruma under the name FIBESA (Figueroa Benítez S.A.), as a family business dedicated to serving the mining industry in southern Ecuador.

Today, FIBESA is the leading importer and distributor of chemical products for the mining industry in Ecuador. As we continue growing, we’re constantly looking for new ways to serve our loyal clients and expanding our footprint into new industries where we can make a difference with our exceptional products and services.

Our Main Goal

Providing the mining industry as well as related industrial fields with high-quality chemical products, always maintaining a firm commitment to serving our clients and to promoting responsibility towards the environment and our local communities.

Long-term Vision

Become a leading distributor in Ecuador and Latin America of products and solutions that make a substantial impact to our clients’ productivity.